consistoire régional du nord, du pas-de-calais, de la somme et de l'aisne

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Regional Consistory of North, Pas-de-Calais,

Somme and Aisne


We are pleased to announce the creation of a Regional Consistory for the regions of North, of Pas-de-Calais, Somme and Aisne.

For more than two centuries the Consistory has taken care to defend the interests of the Judaism and to maintain a quality of Jewish life through the communities, the synagogues, the schools, the charities and the cacherout.

Its vocation remains to develop and organise the religious life with the maintenance and the building of place of worship, the training of rabbis, the celebration of marriages, the accompaniment of deceased and the education of youth.

More and more, it invests the Community by creating new centers, taking part in the collective memory (Yom Hashoah) and by supporting the State of Israel.


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Minutes of the meeting of the Regional Consistory of North, Pas-de-Calais and Aisne, Sunday 22nd November 2009 at the Valenciennes Synagogue:


Unanimously are elected,


Vice President: GERARD BISSOR


Vice President: JEAN PAUL ELKAIM

General Secretary: GERARD BISSOR



Amiens: Guy Zarka, Elie Chayo;

Boulogne: Jean Jacques Behr, Jean-Jacques Var jacques;

Douai: Marc Gorfinkel;

Dunkerque: Serge Gladstein, Georges Szulevicz;

Lens: Alain et Serge Tajchner;

Lille: Jean-Claude komar, Charles Sulman, Danielle Moise, Dora Lebovic, Liah Hanoh, Eryck Ziza, Nancy Haftel, Sylvain Kleczewski;

Saint Quentin: Paul, Paule Elkaim;

Valenciennes: Gérard Bissor, Roger Benhamou, Serge Berrebi.


Alain Moise sent the official texts to us. In short the law says:

The mayor can, but has no obligation, to create denominational squares. He must bury in the communal cemetery: the people who died in his a commune, residing in its commune, or who have a family vault. For the others it is at his own discretion.

One cannot refuse to bury a nonJewish person in the Jewish square. The denominational squares cannot be isolated by trees or other means. On the other hand, in several areas (Valenciennes, Lille .....), there exist Jewish denominational squares; in some areas there are problems (ST QUENTIN). To regulate the problems it would be necessary to plan denominational squares on an urban community scale or common associations.

Duration of the concessions and maintenance of the escheated tombs:

it would be necessary to create a 1901 law regional association for the management of the problematic concessions. This was done in Valenciennes as the ACI, with the help of a contributor, dealt with the repair of the concessions that were dangerous for the public because of their state. The funeral home, provided we returned the favour, made us a very big discount on the repair work.

DR. Charles SULMAN specifies that JC Komar gave his agreement for the Valenciennes subscribers to use the Hevra Kadicha of Lille for a lump sum of 300 euros plus road expenses.

Other cities are interested by this agreement: Dunkerque, Boulogne. In Dunkerque equipment is needed to lay out corpses (see SERGE Gladstein). Moreover the communities, with the assistance of Lille, can deal with the needy people.


Today the SPCJ publishes its 2009 Annual Report on anti-semitism in France, to consult it: click here.

This report was submitted to the Government and distributed to the guests of the dinner of CRIF on Wednesday 3rd February 2010.

On the whole, in 2009, 832 acts (against 474 in 2008) were recorded on the French national territory. The figures communicated in this report emanate from the census carried out by the Department of Assistance to the Victims of the SPCJ, which operates a crosscheck with the French Home Office.

Statistics with comments and analysis, a focus on January and extracts of judgements relative to anti-semitic acts supplement this report/ratio.

The detailed list of the anti-Semitic acts is published separately. You will be able to consult it from 5 February 2010 under the tag “Anti-Jewish actions”.

SPCJ: 0 800 18 26 26


DR Guy ZARKA: The public hospital has a duty of neutrality and must allow the Jews willing to eat kosher food to do so. In case of problems please contact GUY ZARKA.

In DENAIN there are 2 wagons which were used for the deportation of the Jews.

CHARLES SULMAN: will see with the coupole.

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We thank the Valenciennes ACI for their welcoming and the organisation of the meeting. Thank you for the meal which followed.