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Finally a Sefer Torah in Valenciennes!

After waiting 12 years, Valenciennes received a Sefer Torah from Mr Serge Benhaim, President of the rue de la Roquette Synagogue.

This long term loan was brought by Mr Joël Mergui, President of the Central Consistory, during a ceremony held on the 13 March in Valenciennes.

Dr Berrebi, the President of Valenciennes, offered for the occasion a magnificent reception attended by:

Mr Xavier Bertrand, President of the Region,
Mr Laurent Degallaix, Deputy Mayor of Valenciennes,
Mr Thierry Devimeux, Subprefect of Valenciennes,
Mr Charles Sulman, President of the Regional Consistory,
And many officials, local and regional authorities.

Thank you to Mr Marc Abensour, General Secretary of the Consistory of Paris for his intervention.

Thanks to Mrs Guedj, Co-President, to Mr Ajzen and to the whole community of Valenciennes for the perfect organization of this day.

Dr Gérard BISSOR.