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Valenciennes Synagogue : Izkor

We are very sad to announce that Tuesday 31st December, Mr Jean ULMO, aged 86, passed away. His funeral was held on Friday 3rd January at Valenciennes St. Roch cemetery. A large crowd came to pay their last respects and comfort his family. His children have written a message in his memory:


Love, Family, Generosity, Simplicity and Work... This is how we could describe Jean ULMO in a few words.

His story starts inSierentz, Alsace, in the cradle of the ULMO family, then it carries on in the North where Jean ULMO was born on the 16th of April 1927from the union ofLucie Haym and Camille Ulmo. Three years after his brother Gérard.

His childhood and his life were deeply affected by war: in Lisieux and in Chateauroux, he would only come back home if a red gingham towel was not showing at the window... these memories resurfaced throughout his life.

In 1947 his father dies and Jean ULMO starts working at the Dreyfus malt-house, a family business. When Mr Frohly, who managed the malt-house that was sequestered during the war as it was owned by a Jewish family,died in 1956, Jean ULMO and Serge JAVAL took over the business and significantly develop it.

Then he meets Janine Netter and, attracted by her renowned dynamism, happiness and organisational skills, he marries her in 1961. She would assist him with love until the very last difficult months.

They had two daughters, Viviane and Nathalie to whom Jean transmitted his values and whom were everything to him. They were surrounded by his love and would have given themeverything, as well asYves and Jacky, his sons in law, andhis 5 grand children: Robin, Natacha, Jessica, Jérôme et Déborah.

Jean can be proud of making his family happy and of having such an extraordinary and tight-knit family.


We are very sad to announce that

Mrs HERCHKOP, born DOMANIEWICZ, has passed away.

Our deepest sympathy to her family.



Death of Roger FALKOWICZ,

on the 13rd of March 2013 in Valenciennes,

at the age of seventy six.

Roger was born on the 15th October 1936 in Valenciennes. His parents left Poland (Lodz) in 1925. During the hard times of Occupation they hid in Toulouse then they came back to live in Valenciennes.

Roger met Charlette Agou at the beginning of the sixties. They married in 1968. He spent his professional life selling hosiery (socks, ladies underwears) in a Valenciennes shop and to companies employees through their work comittees (for example he used to go to hospitals to sell items).

Roger lost his wife in 1998 following a long illness which started at the beginning of the 90s. During this period he showed a great courage. Devastated by the death of his wife he got a stroke which lead him to retire.

He spent the last ten years of his life playing Bridge with a network of friends in Valenciennes. Yet he had a solitary nature, taking seriously the future of his three sons to whom he gave his kindness and his integrity.

Our deepest sympathy to his family,

On behalf of the bureau, Richard David KRAWCZYK



The Jewish community of Valenciennes is mourning…

David Wuhl left us this Thursday 7th of February 2013. He was 87.

David was born in Erfurt, Germany, on the 18th of February 1926. With his parents and his sister they had to flee the Nazi terror to find refuge in Denain.

Being an exile also means not being able to choose one's profession. Like his father, who also had no choice, he became a building worker.

Then the Nazi terror arrived in the North and, with it the necessity to hide and to flee, in Normandy. Although David was fleeing, he helped children, adults, Jewish, military allies and resistant, regardless of their origins.

When Peace and Liberty came back, it was time to start family. He married Marie in 1951 then Nicole was born in 1952 and Michel in 1954. Everyday on the markets of the Valenciennes area,they trade fabricwith Marie. Then the family extended with his grandchildren whom he loved so much and whom were very attached to him.

Then suffering again. In 2002 his wife and his son Michel passed away nearly concurrently.

David could have collapsed and look for pity but he chose to stay strong and everybody remembers his numerous jokes behind which he used to hide his sadness and his distress.

He stayed standing and then he died, free and standing. He was a "Mensh", as we say in Yiddish.

It's a huge disapearance for our community, we will never forget him. Our deepest sympathy goes to his family. Be in peace David.

On behalf of the bureau, Richard David Krawczyk


The community of Valenciennes is mourning the death of their rabbi. For nearly 18 years, the Rabbi BENARROUS was a prominent part of our community and was loved by all. Thanks to him our association has lived and has flourished. His generosity helped several coreligionists to find their way back and others have learned to love and appreciate our association. He always ensured the strictest compliance with the cacherout and he did everything to ensure that all Jewish holidays were celebrated. With his wife they ensured that Soukkhot and Pesach were always lively festivals. We are grateful for everything he did and we will never forget him. We are wholeheartedly with his wife and his family. On behalf of the entire community, Gerard Bissor, President.

Rabbi Paul Benarrous was born in Oran, Algeria, from a sephardic family. He was a Doctor in religious studies; from 1963 to 1969 he studied under the mentoring of Rabbi Monie Slabodka at the Bnebrak Yeshiva, Israel. He also studied at the New York Yeshiva in 1970 and at the London Yeshiva in 1971. From 1973 to 1997 he also trained to become a shottet.  With more than 20 years of ground experience as a Rabbi, his human and psychological understanding had proved unfailing. At ease with the youngsters as well as with the older members of our community, you would have felt at ease with him whatever the suject that would have brought you to meet with him. Any matter, even the most delicate or the most private ones, were dealt in a very soft and pleasant manner.




We are very sad to announce that

Mister SIMON HAMO passed away

on the 6th of February.

Our deepest thoughts to his family.





It is with regret that we have to announce that

Mr Isaac SZLACHTER, aged 82 years,

passed away on the 14th of December 2008.

Our deepest sympathy to his family.





We are very sad to announce

the death of the two Ray Brothers.

Our deepest thoughts to their family.





Mr Joseph BACHARZYNA and his children

are very sad to announce that

Mrs Yvette BACHARZYNA passed away

on Wednesday 26 novembre 2008,

Aged 81 years.

They thank the whole community for their support.






It is with regret that we have to announce the death of

Mr Lucien LEVY,

prominent member of the Valenciennes Jewish community.

Our deepest sympathy to

Mrs LEVY and her children.