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Community Announcements of the Valenciennes Synagogue



Dr Gérard BISSOR




We congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Gérard Bissor for the wedding of their son Nicolas with Celine, celebrated on Sunday 9th November.

We also wish Celine and Nicolas happiness for the future to come.








We've all heard the alarm... It's nine o'clock and we are Sunday 28 September 2008, the day before Rosh Hashanah. Happy day! Today is the day the young Simon Pamart will become an adult and be able to be part of a minyan.

What a smile when he put the tefilims on. This is the first time! This is THE DAY. It is also a big day for the community; quivering, with pride and sparkling eyes, he says the blessings. This is the outcome of so much effort, studies and will. We could see it in his eyes. An end for a new start. Yes, we lose a child but we win a responsible man whose maturity will grow with time.

When he thanked us, his little voice was halting because of nerves, shyness and emotion. Tears of joy were rolling down his cheeks. In the Synagogue, you could hear applauses, shouts of happiness, unlimited smiles and tears of well being. When Mr Simon Hamo congratulated his grandson, embracing him with love, the moment became intense. Their tears melted and their hearts combined in harmony. A very emotional scene, a pause in life for the time of a Mazel Tov.

The party? Let's talk about it... Laughters, clapping hands, dancing feet, singing voices, kissings, thankings, convivial chats while eating... We all rise our glasses to Simon. Could this great moment of your life help you to keep studying the Torah, learn Hebrew and listen to your heart when it comes to your future that we all wish will be wonderful.

I want to add my personal advice to Simon. Even if you now are an adult, don't forget to dream. The "genuine" adult is the one who has kept his child's soul.

We would like to thank all Simon's family and Simon himself for this very emotional day. A very successful celebration, a blessed day that will stay engraved in our memories forever.

From Maïté Benhatif.