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Activities organised by the Valenciennes Synagogue



From the 12th of February to the 1st of May 2011


At the MEMORIAL de l'internement et de la déportation,


Paintings to serve memory.

Paintings that echo all memories, of those who disappeared and of those who came back.

peindre la mémoire, la Shoa et son ombre, Francine MAYRAN


The exhibition is symbolically dedicated to several deportees who were interned in the Royallieu camp, (their painted portraits will be exposed), to represent and honor ALL THE MEMORIES:

To GEORGES CHARPAK, in memory of the VICTIMS OF THE SHOAH, Exterminated for the sole fact that they were Jewish

To PIERRE MASSE and to PERE RIQUET who resisted and questioned the consciences

To BIETSCHIKA GORGAN, in memory of the GYPSY VICTIMS too often forgotten, and for their dignity

To ANDRE BESSIERE and to FERNAND DEVAUX, in memory of the deportees from the RESISTANCE, for their tireless efforts of transmission

Georges Charpak, Pierre Masse, Père Riquet, Gorgan Bietschika, André Bessiere,


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Film made around the exhibition at Struthof:



Objectif : survivre ou gitans à Buchenwald, Francine MAYRAN

Goal: survive or gypsies at Buchenwald

Derrière un mur de barbelés ou le camp d'Argelès, Francine MAYRAN

Behind a wall of barbed wire or the camp of Argeles


We call upon your generosity to preserve and maintain our patrimony. *** Your donation will make it possible to continue to offer to the community a Synagogue in activity with a rabbi officiating every saturday. **** Cheques should be made to “ACI de Valenciennes”, 36 rue de l'Intendance, 59300 Valenciennes. In the name of the whole community, thank you.